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Verminators have been solving nuisance raccoon problems for over 17 years now. We are experts in raccoon trapping, raccoon removal, raccoon exclusion, and raccoon attic cleanup. We offer free inspections and free estimates for getting rid of the raccoons in your attic, chimney, crawlspace, under decks, yards and more. Call or text Verminators Katy today (678)920-0948

Verminators for nuisance raccoon removal, trapping, and exclusion in all of North Georgia including Lake Lanier, Gainesville, Flowery Branch, Oakwood, Chestatee, Elachee, Lula, Habersham, Dahlonega, Blue Ridge, Ellijay, Big Canoe, Dawsonville, Cumming, Canton, Braselton, Hoschton, Chateau Elan, Buford, Suwanee, Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Sugar Hill, Dacula, Snellville, Lawrenceville, Lilburn and more! Verminators are licensed by GA DNR and are ready to serve you too!

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Verminators have over 20 years experience and are ready to serve you.

Verminators methods are humane and safe for both the raccoons and the humans.

Removing hazardous Raccoon waste is extemely important! Raccoon feces is contaminated with round worm and it never goes away. The hazardous raccoon feces, nesting, and insulation must be removed.

The attic needs to be restored, old insulation cleared out. A thorough sanitizing and deodorizing is a must. Verminators are trained professionals in the attic restoration and sanitizing business. We have the most experience cleaning attics wearing hazmat suites and taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of our customers. Verminator's prices for attic restoration are far less than those of our competitors. LEARN MORE

Permanent Raccoon Exclusion

Raccoon Inspection

1. Determining where the raccoons are living is what needs to be accomplished first. Are the raccoons living in the chimney? Does this raccoon have babies? Do not corner the mother raccoon, she will attack. Hire Verminators to remove the mother raccoon and her babies. Verminators goal is to reunite the mother raccoon with her babies. Verminators will remove all of the raccoon babies out of the attic and find a safe place on the outside of the home for the mother raccoon to retrieve them. Be sure to inspect the entire attic and identify the areas with raccoon soiled insulation. This will be important after the raccoons have left the attic.

Raccoon Removal

2. Install a Large Raccoon Exit tunnel over the open hole from the outside of the house. If the raccoon is still in the attic, she can exit out of the tunnel safely. She can retrieve her babies and create a new nesting site on the outside of your home. Raccoons are very smart and will leave the area, they do not wish to have another encounter with humans. Sometimes, there is no need to trap the raccoons because Verminators will evict them the same day we arrive. Raccoons can cause more damage if you lock them inside the attic without a way to get out.

Raccoon Proofing

3. Secure the Raccoon entry-point from the outside of the house. You are looking for a ripped opening some where on the roof or chimney. It is common for raccoons to enter the eaves of a roof. This is an area of the roof where two rooflines meet. Rain tends to collect in these areas allowing the wood to rot and raccoons to easily rip a hole in your roof. Along with animal exit tunnel, use the proper materials to raccoon proof your home because these animals are very strong and agile fingers.


Raccoons may be up to 3 feet long and weigh up to 30 pounds. They have a black face mask and ringed tail. Their fur is long and dense, a grizzled brown and black color.
Raccoons live in a well-timbered area containing several large, mature trees and including a combination of grain crops and water. Raccoons have well-developed senses of sight, hearing and smell.
Raccoons are omnivorous (they eat both animals and plants) and opportunistic; their diet is dictated by seasonal protein and energy needs and food availability.
Raccoon cause extreme damage to homes by making huge holes in the structure. The holes create entryways for other vermin. Not only this, raccoons will destroy your home and property by making a huge mess everyday.
Raccoons cause serious problems for homeowners, farmers or ranchers mostly because of their curious nature can be irritating. They create extreme damage to homes by making huge holes in the structure. The holes create entryways for other vermin as well. Not only this, raccoons will destroy your home and property by making a huge mess everyday.
Raccoons are among the most intelligent of wild animals. Don't attempt to evict these vermin on your own, these wild animals known to carry rabies and will not hesitate to bite you if threatened.